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After a lengthy chase, Don is caught, beat senseless and thrown into prison for life.

The prison environment is inhospitable in every sense, with a sadistic prison guard Sarkazu, who relishes the mental and physical torture he inflicts on the prisoners.

Dressed for success, Jesse is a gorgeous blond with insane tits, a tight dress, and no bra.

Jeff comments about how the worker in the casting office isn't even paying attention to them, and the couple decides to sneak off to the bathroom to film themselves having sex.

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Alexis is her property now, and if she doesn’t want daddy to find out about her devious ways, she will do whatever the fuck Elsa says whenever she says it. Jeff goes to a casting call with his girlfriend Jesse, and while the couple waits to hear something they start making a movie of their own with the camera Jeff brought along.

Told to trust no one, Don does befriend the local nurse, Roberta.

Don's only way out of prison now is through the "Midnight Fuxpress". The sexy MILF porn star has the kind of ass that I would love to worship, and I'm going to do exactly that tonight.

Elsa starts by smacking her ass for every single guy shes ever cheated on her dad with.

Then Elsa finger fucked her pussy to the point where it wasn’t pleasure, but sheer pain.

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In her return shoot - we asked members to post ideas in the FM forum for her. She’s gonna teach this schmuck a lesson and she’s gonna do it in a perverted way!