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In studies, people tend to make smarter, more sensible picks when selecting from a smaller batch (6 to 10) compared to dozens or options.With a dating site, what’s likely to happen is that you’ll closely scrutinize the first few profiles that pop up in your search, but after that, your brain gets tired.People who want to date British guys may, naturally, want to check out Date British A special breed of single might instead be drawn to Farmers (“Because city folks just don’t get it”).The sites grant access to larger pools of potential dates than you could ever find on your own, and the more people you connect with, the greater the chance is that one of those people could be your soul mate.Some sites even promise “scientific formulas” to create perfect matches, making it sound as if the odds of finding true love are all but guaranteed.To avoid this problem, limit your searches in terms of profiles and time.Each person works differently, but it’s probably unwise to scan through more than two dozen profiles in a single sitting.

(MORE: Millennials Are Biggest Suckers for Selfish Impulse Buys) Don’t buy into the “scientific method” hype.

Their study, published in op-ed, concludes that even though as many as 25 million people per month seek matches through online dating services, these individuals are no more likely to find their soul mates than people who hook up with partners through conventional methods—singles bars, blind dates, friends of friends.

(MORE: Here’s How Your Identity Will Be Stolen: The Top 10 Scams) What’s worse, online dating services make claims that are largely unfounded.

In the BBW (Big, Beautiful Women) category; greatbigdates.com, BBWdatefinder.com, plussizepersonals.com, BBWpersonalsplus.com, largeandlovely.com,

Based on the numbers alone, the advantages of online dating services seem obvious.

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Niche dating sites; (for little people), datingforsmokers.com, (astrology), & & & veggiedate.org, & (snobs), (cheating bastards), & athleticwomen.com, spiritsingles.com, (for those who prefer someone much older or younger).