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We went back to the place where Da-da fell in love with me, quote him. We had our morning walks, lovely afternoon tea, take a stroll around the courtyard and watch the sunset on a big swing. As for the rest, we took a motorbike and 'rempit' to the nearest town and went *ding-dong. We did had a lot of fun and it was still romantic nonetheless (even though not our kind of 'romantic) but we made it up to ourselves on our first anniversary. The place is romantic, quiet, peaceful and absolutely cozy. It was when we had our goodnight tea at the lounge that Da-da had this thought of making it an annual thing. And we wanted to book the Guenevere Suite with jacuzzi when we have kids. So, here's a toast and a rub to the bump, for a 730 days of our togetherness. Da-da even booked the entire dining area for a romantic dinner but I refused as the price was so steep (to have the room vacant and away from crowd), much to his dismay. As promised, this weekend we will make the return trip to The Hill and... I hope to have the same room as last year, over looking the mountain and beautiful mist in the morning.It's a "very, very amicable" split, says QT's publicist. pop album charts again--for the eighth consecutive week.

You let another person guard and protect their heart as is appropriate, and you do the same. To a love that ends things that aren’t good for me, for him, or for others. That same heart rose from muck and grime of defeat, and it sailed to new heights, all in the name of love! Through prayer and really tough conversations with God, I came to this point.

This man who wanted to talk to me only when he was in dire need of a friend, and not when I was in need of someone. Every time this man texted me to talk, I wondered “is his future wife important to him at all? ” Then I stopped and asked myself: Was my spouse important to me at all? And I realized that yes, I loved the man I was going to marry. I have prayed for him, written him notes, and loved him through years of singlehood and datinghood. The Holy Spirit lights our little hearts on fire with love – true love – that beckons us to become something more. ASHLEY ACKERMAN Ashley Ackerman is a daughter, sister, and friend.

This man who never cared for my heart by being aware of the boundaries needed to keep my own heart safe and ready for my spouse. Does she not care about him confiding in a woman other than her? If the question needed to be posed to my friend, did it not, in turn, need to be asked of myself? I’ve loved him with a love that I hope to carry us all the way to death. His love, which is the only real love that matters in the world, helps us to love others the right way, in the right time, and with the right intentions. She loves talking and learning about the mystery of femininity, something she is certain she will never fully uncover in her lifetime.

DOWNEY DOWNED: At the urging of the Los Angeles sheriff, an appeals court has blocked any further "field trips" for actor Robert Downey Jr.

Three times in the last few weeks, the actor has left jail to record movie dialogue.

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