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I have my own theories, as well, but today I am just delighted that nearly 100 years after it’s founding, a little light has shown through the chinks of BJU’s racist and segregationist past.

The invaluable Amy Howe of SCOTUSBlog points us to reports that the president*'s pick for Solicitor General is a D.

In addition to his role defending California's ban on same-sex marriage, Cooper also signed a brief on behalf of the federal government supporting Bob Jones University in its challenge to the constitutionality of an Internal Revenue Service policy denying tax exemptions to religious institutions that discriminate based on race.

Like Sessions, Cooper could prove to be a controversial pick.

I think the Zumo for me is a given though, regardless of what can be done with my old 300.

Buying a new device from Garmin, you will get free lifetime maps with it, namely City Navigator Southern Africa NT, currently version 2015.3This lifetime map is for the life of the unit, or until Garmin changes to new hardware/software/designs that your unit simply can't be used anymore.

With the City Navigator maps you get Junction View, Lane Assist and Speed.

The 42 comes preloaded with some safety camera info and I used POI Editor to load the last file that I had downloaded, before the old forum was shut down.

This is obviously way out of date now and I'd like to update it.

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To answer your earlier question: My Nuvi3 street maps in it and I think My Wife's 250W had the 2010.3 street maps in.

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