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To quote Michael Corleone and more recently Silvio Dante: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…” As expected, as Blizzard is desperate to lure in new subscribers the caliber of the community keeps getting lower as more children and teens seem to be invading the MMO world.Just the other day I politely called out someone in General Chat in Stranglethorn who was flagrantly violating the official Wo W terms of service by continually swearing and using various epithets.

With around 34,000 followers, Cheung was also a prolific Twitch streamer under the pseudonym "Elvine".

I used to listen to music while playing counter-strike in public servers but for wow, its clearly in game sounds and music!

Like alot of people have been saying, you can't beat the music and sounds that WOW has to offer, run up the hill and into Ironforge!

That was the last time Tool put out a fucking album. Now they're putting one out 3 days after classic wow's release! That's a cool list, but a bit short for the 120 hour grind to 60.

I will fill many of those hours with lofi beats in my ears but I need huge playlists/radio, can't be switching up Playlist all the time.

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For doing my civic duty I was cursed, called a “h*mo” and a “f*g” along with other choice words both publicly and in private tells.