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Posted by / 18-Jul-2020 20:02

Whisper allows for higher resolution (seconds per point) of recent data to degrade into lower resolutions for long-term retention of historical data.

Data points in Whisper are stored on-disk as big-endian double-precision floats.

Archives are ordered from the highest-resolution and shortest retention archive to the lowest-resolution and longest retention period archive.

It provides fast, reliable storage of numeric data over time.

The data point will be written to the highest resolution archive as-is, and will be aggregated by the configured aggregation method (see Rollup Aggregation) and placed into each of the higher-retention archives.

If you are in need for aggregation of the highest resolution points, please consider using for that purpose.

Whisper is a great place to meet people, whether you're looking for new friends, searching for your soulmate, or just someone to laugh with!

★★★★ NEW ★★★★ - search for whispers by topic and location - view tags related to a whisper - flag inappropriate whispers and hide them from your view - you can now delete whispers you've posted if you change your mind about them Features: -View a real-time stream for instant social interaction -Endless inspiration & creativity -Share Whispers on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr -Much, Much More!

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