Will updating my iphone lock it

Posted by / 06-Jan-2020 10:21

You may experience this issue when you attempt to setup, restore or update your i Phone or i Pad.Please note that if your device has a lot of photos, videos, documents etc, this i Cloud set up process may take a while.Some of them never set up the passcode before while some of them enter the correct code but the phone doesn’t accept. Luckily, there are some reliable ways which have been proved. After trying all these steps, it'd be particularly annoying if you are still unable to get past this debacle, don't let it get to you, there is a solution.There is a platform that will render assistance in this predicament, this platform is called i My Fone Lock Wiper.My device restarted and I was following the instructions in the setup assistant.I was asked to enter my Apple ID and passcode to sign in.After i OS update, when you can't bypass your i Phone passcode, i My Fone Lock Wiper is your primary choice.No matter what kind of passcode and which i OS devices you have, it can easily remove the screen lock just in a few minutes with simple clicks.

One of them is “i Phone asking for 6 digit passcode after i OS update”.One night, Randy was synching his i Phone with his i Tunes when he was prompted that a new firmware upgrade is available.So Randy eagerly let i Tunes to update his i Phones firmware fro 1.1.4 to 2.2.0. After the reboot, he was shocked to see a message like this: Even more shocked when he realized that his i Phone has “locked” and could only access the emrgency numbers.The new update comes locked and is persistent in its request that you input a passcode before you are granted access to the device.It is possible that the default code is what it requires for you to be given access to the device.

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Then my screen started to show “Updating i Cloud Settings” and was stuck there for more than an hour.