Why is on line dating so difficult

Posted by / 10-Aug-2020 23:56

Our gay community also tends to glamorize the party-and-play (PNP) culture, further contributing to the potential for substance abuse problems.

Either by reading dating personal ads or by overhearing conversations by gay men in public domains, you see or hear things like “I’m only interested in younger guys,” “He must be a hung top,” “I only date within my own race,” “He should be very good looking,” “I’ll only date guys who are white-collar workers,” “I won’t date anyone who has HIV,” etc. Of course, we all have unique attractions, preferences, and boundaries, but when we date through a binary lens, we rob ourselves of opportunities to meet people who might actually be great partners for us.It’s hard enough being gay, so why aren’t we more compassionate, understanding, and empathetic to others in our brotherhood who live the same marginalized gay status and experience?Not to keep mentioning technology as a culprit, but the advent of texting and chatting within online platforms has caused a breakdown of conventional manners and social etiquette.The latter scenario ultimately makes them invisible or shields them from any real contact from men outside their circle who may find them interesting.I’ve conducted polls on my site about assertiveness in approaching men, and the overwhelming majority of respondents indicated they take a passive stance when it comes to dating and only wait to be approached by someone to have a conversation that could potentially lead to a dating opportunity.

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