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Going Dutch may be something a dating couple does for their very first date, but it is not recommended in the long term.A couple where one of the partners is less financially able to pay for the entire bill solo will also tend to split the bill.Regardless of the circumstances, just don’t be the person who excuses themselves to the restroom when the bill arrives to the table just so you can avoid the conversation about who should pay the bill.We live in a society of people who are entirely too sensitive to the politics of things versus the meaning and purpose behind them.

If someone is insistent on paying for the bill, it may be because they had such an amazing time and it is their way of saying thank you for your amazing company and conversation… Some are insistent on paying for the bill, and to that we say awesome! In all seriousness though, there are people who truly enjoy paying for the bill and feel fulfilled from doing so, so why deprive them of this feeling, especially if it is their love language?Okay, so we know it’s not the 1950’s anymore, and women are just as capable, if not more capable, to pay their own bills and are independent.When it comes to paying for the bill at the end of your chicken parmigiana experience we’re not talking about women’s rights here, we’re simply talking about paying for those bread sticks.For the first date, I think it makes sense that you both just pay for yourself.That way there's no expectations that seem to come with someone paying for your food/drinks.

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If I've taken on the greater travel costs to go to his neighbourhood, I don't protest him offering to pay though.

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