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But even with this error (and that’s just the tip of the movie’s error iceberg) Adkins still manages to breathe some life into the dour action flick with his delightfully hammy turn.And Florentine was brought on board to help with the film’s fight scenes, which gives them a little bit of bite. However, this rundown of the man’s career thus far does beg the original question: if he’s so good, then why isn’t he better known?Or it might simply be that he hasn’t found the right part yet.After all, how many people saw Jason Statham as a leading man before didn’t make the most convincing case, but Luc Besson saw the appeal. But whatever happens next, here’s hoping that he continues to produce quality action films for years to come. , and Norris and Van Damme were well on their way to direct-to-video land.

At the very least the film pits him one on one with The Statham, even if their fight scene is a tad underwhelming. Right off the bat this was a mistake, as rather than logically casting him as Hercules, they cast human Ken doll Kellan Lutz instead.

This results in films of varying quality that are, more often than not, safely within the realm of PG-13. See , a series built entirely on the appeal of seeing action icons of the past kick ass like they used to, fell prey to this trend with the third instalment.

Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington, and Liam Neeson turn out solidly performing action fare, but given their variety of work, labelling them strictly as action stars doesn’t sit right. It’s a movie where upwards of 200 people die, and not a single drop of blood is spilled.

Maybe he’s just a generation too late, and the action star era really is a thing of the past.

Maybe he’s seen as a niche actor, whose natural abilities won’t impress an audience weaned on superhero movies.

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Unfortunately, Scott’s good notices for his DVD work haven’t translated to Hollywood taking much interest.

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