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He did say things like he didn’t know what love was or what the words I love you really meant until he met her.

And I do believe that people change their feelings about love when they meet the right person.

Heck, I even stayed at his house the night before I left to be the Bachelorette! Dating someone semi-seriously and then leaving to go on the show is one thing.

I was in a toxic relationship and I had a hard time getting out of it. He told this girl he loved her and she loved him back. But dating someone, telling them you’re going on the show to advance your career, and telling them how much you love them is really shitty to do.

But he kept trying to make excuses saying that when they said goodbye, he thought it was a real goodbye. Jed’s girlfriend (or I guess ex-girlfriend) back home has every right to absolutely hate him!

I wish he just said “Hannah, I thought I loved her and I thought I was gonna come back and be with her. But then I met you and I realized that you were the one for me and no one else.” If he’d said that I think I could forgive him. He broke her heart in the most horrible way and I really feel for her.

And I’m sure he’s dreamed of what it would be like to propose to his future wife and I bet he’s always envisioned singing to her, so why would he give that up? And I told him I was MADLY in love with him before I left.

Granted, he treated me like crap and cheated on me pretty much every other weekend. But still, I am one of those contestants that went on the show while dating someone before hand.

I really wish we saw more emotion out of Jed at the live taping. But to see her give it to Jed grace after he completely ruined this experience for her shows so much class!e stars reuniting on camera for the first time—Fedotowsky revealed that after her relationship ended with her final pick and fiancé, Roberto Martinez, she hooked up with a contestant from her season who previously broke her heart.fans may recall that back in Season 6, Fedotowsky brought Roberto Martinez, Chris Lambton, and Frank Neuschaefer to Tahiti for the overnight Fantasy Suite dates.I think I said something really stupid in one of my past blogs about how I thought it was weird that she let him go on the show to advance his music career.And one of you even commented saying it was crazy of me to say that. When I really think about it, there’s no way she let him go. I’m sure she was absolutely heartbroken when they had that conversation on their trip about him leaving. And if you didn’t get a chance to read yesterday’s blog post about the first half of the finale please do! I know I’ve been critical of some of her actions over the last season.

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Especially when you go off and get engaged to somebody else.

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