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Richard's relationship with the girls' mother also ended after a short time, and Till and Richard bonded over the parenting of the half-sisters.

Till has said in old interviews that the girls' mother became more involved with the children when Till and Richard began touring with Rammstein.

He describes playing his music in front of an adoring audience as a cocaine-like high that leaves a chasm of despair and self-loathing in its wake.

Both have been married once and divorced, with angry accusations of rampant cheating.Till sings words such as "Zwei Herzen in mir schlagen" with sincerity and I think I am now deceased. Legend has it that Richard has a lovechild with lead singer Till Lindeman.He's gregarious, well-spoken in both German and English, a professional showman, and an enthusiastic promoter for the band. The myth is based in complicated facts and figures, including one unconventional love triangle.When he was a young boy, his parents divorced, and his father disappeared from his life.Oddly enough, Richard blames not his father for abandonment but his mother for not telling him "where he went." Regardless of the details of what happened, it seems that Richard was failed by every parental figure in his life.

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