Who is matt tuck dating the somet herts dating personals

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Who is matt tuck dating

Improved Answer: Lita was his girlfriend in real life and in wrestling until 2005, when Matt was out of action and cheated on him with Edge.

This leaded up to a hardcore rivalry between Matt and Edge. At this moment,matt hardy does NOT have a girl friend.

Also in Season 3, Matt began dating Ariel Alderman. Alderman convinces Matt to steal files from Mc Namara/Troy so that he can use them to get insurance companies to stop paying for surgeries that alter (or in his opinion, hide) natural ethnic features. Meanwhile, Cherry takes the shovel and blindsides Mr. Cherry picks up the gun and Matt tells her to shoot him.

They fled the scene, leaving her critically injured.

In Season 2, Sean and Julia decided to hire a life-coach to help Matt boost his self-esteem. Matt began to have a sexual relationship with Ava and he fell deeply in love with her. Matt was devastated when she left the country and him behind.

He was even more devastated when he found out that Ava was actually a transsexual.

Matt goes to dinner at her house and befriends her father, Mr. He holds a gun to them and makes Matt cut off Cherry's penis. Alderman puts the two of them back in the car and drives them out into the forest. There are many questions involving Matt that will be answered in Season 4.

Matt does not want to, but Cherry tells him to do it. He gives Cherry a shovel and makes her dig a grave. Matt becomes enraged and refuses to play these games anymore. In Season 4, Matt runs into Kimber Henry at the gym, and learns about her religion of Scientology.

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The couple move in together and Matt films a porn movie with her in an effort to spice up their sex life.