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Who is karen o dating

Karen O drew a blank when Danger Mouse (born Brian Burton) brought it up late last month at Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village, where they worked on their new album, “Lux Prima.”“I got this phone call, and you were like, it’s Karen O. Sipping tea in an upstairs studio at the storied recording complex, both musicians were in Clark Kent mode, Zen and studious.

(To be fair, this is Burton’s forever mode.) Since 2001, Karen O — short for her last name, Orzolek — has been best known as the frontwoman for the trio Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a stage-devouring, beer-spraying punk who can swing a microphone around her head while nailing every note with an ecstatic grin on her face.

And as Karen, who was in her mid-20s, met tons of interesting people and grew, she naturally changed over time.

To the point where she and Spike’s relationship met a breaking point, although they clearly still have a strong relationship creatively. This all would sync up pretty closely with the evolution of the relationship in HER where, at first, Theodore is the one showing and explaining the world to Samantha.

Instead of Theodore telling Catherine he’s dating an operating system, imagine him telling her he’s dating someone nine years younger than him. To hear that your ex-husband is dating someone only a few years out of college would seem pretty immature of him.

Certainly, it would seem like he was dating someone easier to control or less mature, which is what Catherine’s responses are about.

It’s “find your way through that wilderness and write us a postcard.”THOUGH THEY MET AROUND 2005, had that fateful phone call in 2008 and ran into each other again in 2012, the Karen O and Danger Mouse project didn’t get moving until 2016, a year after Karen O gave birth to her son, Django.

(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images) Is Scarlett Johansson‘s A. character in Spike Jonze‘s Oscar-winning drama “Her” based on the director’s ex-girlfriend, Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O?

That’s one intriguing fan theory proposed on Reddit that is gaining traction among the site’s community of film fans.

I was arranging a photo shoot with Yeah Yeah Yeahs and three teenage fans who’d won a competition to introduce the band on the main stage that evening.

I remember that O appeared more bashful than the starstruck kids – not what I was expecting after three years of watching her screech across stages in wrecked Chuck Taylors and tattered mini skirts, pumping sweat and posturing with a devilish grin of smeared lipstick, her glittery eye shadow smudged and on the move across her face.

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They broke up two years later but stayed friends and collaborated on songs for Jonze’s brilliant adaptation of “Where the Wild Things Are,” for which they each earned Oscar nominations.