Who is julianne moore dating is mikey dating candice

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Who is julianne moore dating

Counts actor Michael Fassbender as a cinematic crush.

You never have sex the way people do in the movies.

She appeared briefly in the daytime serial The Edge of Night and from to she played two half-sisters Frannie and Sabrina on the soap As the World Turns She made her entrance into the big screen with 's Tales from the Darkside: The Movie , where she played the victim of a mummy.

She kept winning better and more powerful roles as time went on, including a small but memorable role as a doctor who spots Kimble Harrison Ford and attempts to thwart his escape in The Fugitive A role that made such an impression on Steven Spielberg that he cast her in the Jurassic Park sequel without an audition in In one of Moore's most distinguished performances, she recapitulated her "beguiling Yelena" from Andre Gregory 's workshop version of Chekhov's Uncle Vanya in Louis Malle 's critically acclaimed Vanya on 42nd Street Director Todd Haynes gave Julianne her first opportunity to take on a lead role in Safe Her portrayal of Carol White, an affluent L.

So that's changed me, I've made a friend who I trust and love and would love to work with again.

Turned down the role of Deirdre Burroughs in Running with Scissors due to scheduling conflicts. Turned down the leading role in the crime series Prime Suspect , which went to Maria Bello. Has an "obsession" with furniture designers Paavo Tynell and Harvey Probber. Husband Bart's family name "Freundlich" is German for "friendly".

She then enjoyed another collaboration with director Anderson in Magnolia and continued with an outstanding performance in The End of the Affair , for which she garnered another Oscar nomination. Is a staunch pro-choice advocate and an active member of Planned Parenthood.

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So with her career better than ever and a very happy family life, Julianne Moore seems to have it all figured out. After graduation in , She took the stage name "Julianne Moore" because there was another actress named "Julie Anne Smith".

Is a big fan of Downton Abbey She co-starred with the star of the series Michelle Dockery in Non-Stop , and on the set of the film, she would ask Dockery for possible spoilers and secrets of the show.

A relatively late bloomer, Julianne didn't learn to drive until she was 27, appeared in her first feature film at age 30, and waited until she turned 37 to start a family.

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Later that year she found her way into romantic comedy, co-starring as Hugh Grant 's pregnant girlfriend in Nine Months Following films included Assassins , where she played an electronics security expert targeted for death next to Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas and Surviving Picasso , where she played Dora Maar, one of the numerous lovers of Picasso portrayed by her hero, Anthony Hopkins.

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