Who is jang nara dating difference between dating courtship

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"Doesn't matter how pretty Jang Nara is, why would you pair her up with Park Bo Gum," another comments.

We can often see how often she bows to others and a 90-degree bow from her towards even her hoo-bae is common... Am sorry that I don't speak Korean because I think am losing some details of the dialogue, that's why I enjoyed the reruns! seriously i dont know how to move on, I even watched all of behind the scenes of this k-drama on youtube. Best of luck in ur career -- a new fan from Philippines-- Jang Nara you are a piece of beauty especially the way you portrayed your self in the drama fated to love you I will watch dat drama everyday if I can.. Thanks to youtube that i was able to finish the whole series in in 3 day. On June 23rd, both Park Bo Gum and Jang Nara denied plans to wed.They also believe it would not be a good idea for Jang Nara to marry a man who has not served his military enlisting yet.The preview of the second episode, features Jaurim’s“Goodbye, Grief” playing in the background and Park Kyun Rim and Kim Jung Hwa visiting the late Jung Da Bin.Kim Jung Hwa expressed regret by saying, “We should meet like this to share old memories”.

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Something which is really unusual and unheard of in K-world. I love all of her dramas, she is an amazing actress!!! Jang Na Ra is very good at playing her character, and how she made the 'Snail Princess' to mature as the series develop, without losing the core of what she is: a gentle and caring woman, with lots of love to give to the world. I really hope that you will do a new project again with jang hyuk in the future. I love you keep it up d sky will be your starting your starting point Hi , im from phil , first of all , i really dont love kdramas , after my wofe endorsed it to me (the heirs) i started to like it . I thought it was light drama and comedy but I was wrong. noona jjang \o/ I just finished "Fated to love you", second drama I watched starring jang na-ra noona after watching Baby Faced Beauty back in 2011 \o/ my heart keeps skipping a beat every time noona smiles :) great actress :) noona hwaiting \o/ I've watched many movies and tv shows (mostly while convalescing ) - helicopter accident on Maui. This is the first message or comment I have ever written. Dear Jang Na-ra, I watched the TV show of Iron Masked Singer, and thank you so much !

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