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Périer’s memoir established a precedent by applying an underlying pattern and symmetry to her brother’s life.

We sympathize, but technology keeps improving and we have to keep up, too.They portray Pascal’s career as essentially a tragedy, a descending arc tracing the decline into timidity and superstition of a once bold and independent thinker. First of all, at no point during his lifetime was Pascal ever a libertine or libre-penseur.Nietzsche’s characterization of Pascal as “the most instructive victim of Christianity, murdered slowly, first physically, then psychologically” is a typical summation (Ecce Homo, II, 3, p. So portraying his life as though it consisted of two sudden and powerful “conversions,” with an intervening slide into worldliness and sins of the flesh, seems a bit too pat and melodramatic.Pascal was named for his paternal uncle as well as for St.Blaise, the 3rd-century Armenian saint martyred by having his flesh flayed by iron carding combs as his namesake would later punish his own flesh by wearing a belt studded with sharp nails.

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