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To the media she declares: "You don't live with me every day!

So how can you say that this is what I am or what I do?

Even when you have two people who have the money, the fame and the same kind of status.

It's the time factor - having the time to establish a relationship and to try to keep it."Whitney says she was introduced to Murphy by Arsenio Hall ("Arsenio is my buddy. That's the bottom line."So, Whitney, when you strip the "gravy" away from Randall Cunningham, what do you find? "Her rich, sensuous laughter reflects the powerful, vibrant singing voice. He's a good person."Whitney says she is neither pregnant nor engaged, as the tabloids report, but she emphasizes that marriage and children are important to her.

Black disc jockeys have chided her for "not having soul" and being "too White," while other critics say she is "too distant" and "impersonal." She was booed at the Soul Train Music Awards, and Keenen Ivory Wayans' In Living Color spoofed "Whitney Houston's Rhythmless Nation."It's enough to drive a good Christian girl to drink, drugs or at least to cursing. Though it hurts her deeply, she handles it all with aplomb.

During a candid, wide-ranging interview in her 26th floor, north Miami Beach condo overlooking the Atlantic, she talks - and laughs - about success and the pain of fame."Picture this," she says, curling up on the plush beige sofa in her pink-accented living room.

J., estate that has an Olympic-size swimming pool, tennis court and 32-track recording studio. "Yes, Edward gave me this ring."It is the only piece of jewelry she wears other than a diamond cross - from her mother, Cissy Houston - in one ear."Yeah, we're friends," she says of Murphy.We have a different kind of closeness than Eddie and I.") about three years ago, and "We've been dating ever since." But, she admits, there are times when she does not want to even think about Eddie Murphy. "Whitney says she prefers to date men with a sense of humor "who know the Lord" and "who know who they are" and can just be themselves. All that other stuff is just the |gravy' we have become. "Randall is a warm, very caring, very giving and loving young man," she says, gently stroking her Angora cat, Misteblu. I have a lot of respect for him, because it's very hard to get out there and bang heads, and get banged. "I'm a very patient woman," she explains, adding that she's had her share of heartbreaks."Like with any man, he can get on your nerves," she says. "Basically," she says, "if you put Whitney Houston aside, what you'll find is a woman. "I don't want to fall in love; I want to walk in and find out what I'm loving.J., where Robyn was an All-State basketball star and Whitney was a shy, aspiring singer and a favorite target of innercity bullies. They [other girls] always wanted to whip me for no reason."I didn't like to fight," she says, munching on golden fried shrimp and fruit salad. So once Robyn became my big sister, all that ended."Their friendship has continued over the years, and as Whitney pursued a singing career, Robyn became invaluable as advisor and organizer."I've had boyfriends all my life - very good-looking and very fine young men," Whitney says. But I've never been one to have five relationships at the same time. You know, I was raised as a Christian, and my mother was very strict with me as far as boys were concerned.

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