Who is dating nikki reed

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Who is dating nikki reed

She worked with her mother’s friend on the script for Thirteen, which they finished in six days, and appeared on The O. People born in the Year of the Dragon are energetic and excitable. She married season ten American Idol contestant Paul Mc Donald in October 2011, but filed for divorce in May 2014. Nikki Reed’s husband is a Sagittarius and she is a Taurus.Nikki Reed, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Peter Facinelli all do smoke.Jackson Rathbone use to but he gave up when he was 20, Taylor Lautner and kellan lutz do not.

Now that Ian Somerhalder’s ex is dating Austin Stowell, perhaps Nikki feels Nina’s threat level has diminished and an opportunity has presented itself.She said she wanted to stop because sh is setting a bad example for her fans. On this website it says that Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed Stopped smoking. Each of these relationships has resulted in a child. (Currently) The cullens real names are Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale, Elizabeth Reaser as Esme Cullen, Peter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen, Robert Pattinson as Edward, Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen, Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen, and Jackson Rathbone as Jasper.His first was a son, Matthew with Nikki, a girl called Madison with Ashley and twins with Annalyne called Thomas and Lewis. However, they recently broke up and he is now dating Ashely Greene who plays Alice in twilight. Nikki Reed is dating Paris Hilton's ex: Paris Latsis. Edward Cullen - Robert Pattinson Carlisle Cullen - Peter Facinelli Esme Cullen - Elizabeth Reaser Alice Cullen - Ashley Greene Jasper Cullen - Jackson Rathbone Rosalie Cullen - Nikki Reed Emmett Cullen - Kellan Lutz no Cody Rhodes is not dating Nikki.

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