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We're always fans of when our favorite character otp (your favorite romantic couple)/brotp (your favorite friendship), is true in real life.That's when your favorite character's actors are best friends in real life too.Out of all the cast members, Penn Badgley was the one who didn't enjoy the fame and million dollar paychecks... The 31-year-old actor is still doing acting projects, most recently filming the drama-thriller series , based on the book of the same name by Caroline Kepnes.Penn will play the lead character of Joe Goldberg, a straight white guy who likes a girl and get angry when she's not immediately his property.

What you may not have realized is our very own Blair Waldorf made music too.

On a few different episodes some of Leighton's songs were featured, and Taylor's weren't. We really don't understand how, as we thought The Pretty Reckless' hard rock, grunge, emo music clearly didn't fit the elegant, high fashion, Upper East Side that was .

Seriously Taylor, if by any chance you're reading this, tell us where you thought one of your songs would fit?!

Yeah, definitely more to be proud of then, and find Penn just the slightest bit ungrateful; come on, it started off your career!

Made you a popular name in film and TV (for a while).

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Maybe we're wrong and Penn's just a method actor, so he was really Dan Humphrey while doing those interviews...

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