Who is catherine zeta jones dating

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Who is catherine zeta jones dating

"[I] got her some flowers and an apology—anyway, so I guess it worked out OK!

"That's an understatement."Nine months later, I'm still having long conversations with him on the phone, having great dinner dates, constantly wondering, 'Why are we not together? By the time the actors "actually sat down and talked about it," Douglas and Zeta-Jones realized their relationship could go the distance.

I was a little nervous because I didn't quite know what he wanted to meet me about."At the time, Douglas was promoting much, because he just walked right past me and he didn't even know it was me!

'" Two of their mutual friends, then-couple Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, introduced the actors at a private dinner later that evening.

He just has this look where I know that he's about to start, and that does me in.

I said, 'I don't even want you to look at me until I'm halfway down the aisle,'" she told Rather than embark on a lavish honeymoon, the couple holed up in their apartment with their 4-month old son.

Douglas "asked very gentlemanly if he could sit next to me at a very long table at the dinner for the in 2016, he thought he'd blown his chances with her, thanks to a cheesy pickup line.

"I met her in the bar and was a total gentleman," he said.

"It doesn't get better than this."As they made a happy home for their infant son, the actors continued to find success on the big screen.

A month before the wedding, Douglas told Movieline, "Whatever Catherine wants, that's what she'll get." As for the costs associated with the wedding, he said, "She's not an outrageous spender."Douglas, then 56, and Zeta-Jones, then 31, sold their wedding photo rights to the U. "She knew what she liked—something dramatic but intimate."Did Zeta-Jones have any other specific requests for her big day?

"I just told Michael, 'No crying.' He doesn't even have to have a tear in his eye.

" Zeta-Jones recalled to CNN's Larry King in a 2001 television interview.

"I had been told Michael Douglas wanted to meet me.

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After she made the rounds, as part of her press obligations, she joined him for a nightcap.