Who is alex jones dating

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Who is alex jones dating

Not Info Wars, the one that airs on over one hundred radio stations every weekday and streams on You Tube to two million subscribers—the one in which Jones has four unfettered hours to explain to his audience why, exactly, “there is a war on” for their minds.

This version, rather, played out inside of the Honorable Orlinda Naranjo’s 419th District Court.

Jones wore attire typical to his show—a blazer, buttoned even when sitting down, and a white shirt with no tie—to court.

On that first day of testimony, Jones seemed ready to explode.

Spectators poured into the Travis County courtroom’s movie theater-style seats—reporters, fans, the curious.

A retired attorney who moved to Texas weeks earlier found out about the trial from a buddy who told him, “You don’t want to miss this.” A young woman spent her entire week in court just to watch. ” someone asked her in the hallway during a recess. Jones, who built his platform by promoting a conspiracy-minded version of right-wing news and punditry, was facing off against his ex-wife, Kelly, for custody of the couple’s three children.

In each of them, Jones screams through a bullhorn about conspiracies that, in the worlds of the two films, turn out to be more or less true.

Wilhite’s argument before the trial caught the attention of the world. British author and journalist Jon Ronson hopped a late-night flight on Tuesday to be in Judge Naranjo’s courtroom in Austin by Wednesday morning.

Jones promotes the idea that he’s the one guy who will give you the truth when the media, government, and the occasional yogurt company are lying to you.

He’ll get to the bottom of what’s really going on, whether it’s who was really behind 9/11 or if Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show was a satanic ritual.

When Newman noticed this, he seized on it, complaining to the judge.

Judge Naranjo, who had never seen Info Wars before the case landed in her courtroom, twice cautioned Jones that there would be “no bodily comments” during Newman’s opening statement.

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The single biggest change with Jones is his sphere of influence.