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This surge of political violence led to economic uncertainty.Facing pressures to devalue the peso, Salinas stood firm, opting for a strategy he believed would help his candidacy for the presidency of the newly created World Trade Organization.After years of economic growth, however, his last year in office revealed Salinas had failed to address social inequity in the country, quickly followed by revelations of Salinas's mismanagement.The year 1994 saw the Zapatista uprising, the assassination of Luis Donaldo Colosio (Salinas's hand-picked successor and PRI candidate for the 1994 presidential elections), and the murder of secretary-general of the PRI José Francisco Ruiz Massieu (Salinas's brother-in-law).Her success has lead her to be known as one of the "Queens" of the genre.A Mexican actress who has appeared on several popular telenovelas. Later in 1955 her mother died to because of cancer.Then in 1989, she returns as Lucero Sandoval in Dulce Desafio next to the handsome Eduardo Yañez.In 1994 she obtained a contract with Telemundo to play the lead role in Guadalupe and was banned from Televisa for signing a contract with a different company.

Date of birth : 1966-10-24 Date of death : - Birthplace : Mexico City, Mexico Nationality : Mexican Category : Arts and Entertainment Last modified : 2011-08-16 Credited as : Telenovela actress, La esposa virgen , Adela Noriega is a Mexican actress.Her first role was at the age of 15 in the telenovela Juana Iris.She then was a guest on the show Cachún Cachún Ra Ra.He was the PRI presidential candidate in 1988, and was declared elected on 6 July 1988 after accusations of electoral fraud.and the adoption of a new currency, among other things.

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She earned more fame after she played lead role in the iconic Quinceaera.