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Who hannah montana dating

She was also responsible for a number of hit songs while she was operating under the Hannah Montana alias for the Disney Channel.

Which of these other Disney Channel shows did Hannah Montana NOT do a crossover with?

It can be a shameless way to cash in on the success of other shows when networks have their different programs cross over with one another.

It always seems so forced and shallow, and it never seems organic that these characters would be together in the same room.

The whole premise of the show was built around the secret identity of Miley Stewart and how she was actually really famous and no one knew who she really was, so a huge part of the satisfying closure at the end would be the reveal.

She did the reveal on a famous comic’s late night talk show. In the series finale of Hannah Montana, Miley and Lilly are getting ready to go to college together when Miley gets another offer to do a movie.

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Imagine having Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran or Nicki Minaj in the family – you’d be an Adonis!