Who are the ikki twins dating

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Who are the ikki twins dating

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the parent show was pretty fake, as shown by the whole controversy over whether Tila Tequila was actually bisexual or not.Confusingly, Tila Tequila has claimed three different things at three different points.However, they have had roles on other TV shows as well.When the show was still centered on the Ikki Twins, one of the episodes was dedicated to one of the contestants named Kandi Hutchinson.However, Salsano has nonetheless had a significant effect on those reality TV shows as well as reality TV as a whole, seeing as how she has been a pivotal figure behind a number of well-known examples.Reality TV being reality TV, it is perfectly understandable for interested individuals to wonder whether the two stars are actually ready to settle down or not.

A Double Shot at Love with the Ikki Twins was another spinoff from A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila where 12 bachelors and bachelorettes are vying for the affections of Erica "Rikki" and Victoria "Vikki" Mongeon.

Between Tila Tequila and the current stars, there were episodes centered on the so-called Ikki Twins.

In short, Erica and Victoria Mongeon are called thus because of their nicknames, which are Ikki and Vikki.

Currently, Double Shot at Love is being handled by Sally Ann Salsano.

Generally speaking, her name shouldn’t be that well-known even to people who watch a lot of MTV’s reality TV shows.

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As a result, it is still too soon to say exactly how well it will have performed once every episode has been broadcast.