What to do when dating a commitment phobe Only girl chatting naked

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What to do when dating a commitment phobe

The guys that they get in relationships with are not really great for them in the first place and that is exactly what they want.No one with whom they can have a long, serious relationship, Because at the crux of it all, they do not want to commit.She'll be constantly worried that the relationship will turn out exactly like the last one and avoid getting into anything serious to avoid the pain.A woman with a bad relationship history might never fully commit to anything in the relationship and distance herself from her partner when things threaten to become too personal and intense.They could take their own decisions and dictate their own terms in life.This independence could well be the reason for why some women have developed commitment issues.

In their mind though, they are still learning to come to terms and get a grip of their lives without 'him'. Knowing where she's coming from, like her and her family history and background might help understand the cause. There are several commitment issues in women as well.If a girl has closely observed a bad marriage or witnessed an abusive relationship which had instances of domestic violence, bitter fights and insulting words being hurled.As a result, she might associate marriage or relationships as being bad, something that leads to a lot of pain.

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Does it seem a little weird that it's a she running away from commitment, rather than a he in the above instance?