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What is speed dating format

Rationale: Even though conferences are considered to be good events for networking, they are often organized in ways that prevent you from meeting and talking with a wide variety of different people.To overcome this problem, we aim for a setting where you are stimulated to shortly talk in an informal setting with other participants.To figure out the best format for your event, it’s best to understand it through the lens of your attendees.Which connections are most relevant to your attendees?

To prevent this from happening, we are organizing a speed dating session.It is no surprise that speed-networking - similar to the concept of speed-dating - has emerged in the business world.A packed out conference room in Dublin full to the brim with business men and women were about to experience it.Do not worry, sometimes it is good to jump into the uncertain. Among them is the objective to create a community who is sharing similar research interests.Also, the organizers will explain to you at the start of the session why they like to organize this and how the speed dating will take place. We have all been to those conferences where you only talk with the person who youare sitting next to during the conference dinner, or with a few researchers during the session breaks.

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Almost like the first day of school you could see that some people were nervous about sitting in front of a complete stranger and talking to them about what they do for a three minute one-on-one meeting.

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