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Webcam chat to teachers

It made a difference to see a partner's facial expressions and body language.You could know when the student really didn't understand and needed further explanation. From that point on, all the tutors and mentors followed suit whenever possible.Using Skype for those sessions opened a conversation with the administrators of the program that became an exploration of how best to utilize video chat for learning.

But there's no reason they can't be part of the classroom from their homes with video chat.

The same is true of students with lengthy or chronic illnesses who cannot make it to school.

And it's so important for these students to continue to feel a part of the classroom! Imagine a classroom with students from Edinburgh, New York City, and Amsterdam.

It may seem counterintuitive not to use the video function of a video chat, which is meant to be one of the benefits of the medium.

But for an insecure teen, turning off the video may make a world of difference in connecting with and imparting knowledge to teens. Gazing into someone's eyes tends to be overwhelming for people who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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You don't have to imagine it, because it can happen with video chat.

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