Warehouse design and updating

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Warehouse design and updating

Front end development is how users will access the data for analysis and run reports.There are many options available, including building your front end in-house or purchasing an off the shelf product.Failure at this stage of the process can lead to poor performance of the ETL process and the entire data warehouse system.

An organization's long-term business strategy should be just as important as the current business and technical requirements.

Good Business Intelligence (BI), allows your organization to query data obtained from trusted sources and use the answers to gain a competitive edge in your industry.

The first step to achieving effective BI is a well-designed warehouse.

As mentioned in the front end development section, users’ ability to select their report criteria quickly and efficiently is an essential feature for data warehouse report generation. Along with receiving reports through a secure web interface, users may want or need reports sent as an email attachment, or spreadsheet.

Controlling the flow and visibility of data is another aspect of report development that must be addressed.

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Identifying data sources during the data modeling phase may help to reduce ETL development time.

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