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However, it can be more romantic than that: “The Kissenger” allows you to “kiss” someone using a mobile phone add-on, for example, making the virtual a little more real.

And immersive sensual suits with haptic feedback can make that special date on a VR dancefloor even more memorable.

It can even be used as a place for couples to experiment with living together while still physically being far apart.

The long-term results and impacts of love and relationships in virtual reality are yet to be seen and felt, but the fact is that they are happening.

When you have lost your sense of disbelief in the virtual world, and question where the self begins and the physical body ends, romantic love in a virtual space can start to feel very real.

After all, without a physical presence, you cannot feel the other person, or react to small movements and expressions that we are all innately attuned to.It doesn’t need to be expensive or highly specialised – you can jump in from the comfort of your living room with commercially available technology.VR has a wonderful history of geeked-out subcultural tech communities, experimenting with what it means to be tech-social.Online connections have allowed us to communicate over vast distances, meet others we like and share interests with, and even build relationships for many years now.We’re not limited to interacting with those physically near us any more, but virtual reality is taking us one step beyond chatrooms and the like.

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