Vba screenupdating word

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Vba screenupdating word

I have two folders (Letters_1 and Letters_2) each containing over 800 ".doc" files. Data Fields("Brand") & ".docx" ' ADDED CODE End With . Having run the debugger it's highlighted the following: Sub merge1record_at_a_time() .execute I've attempted it a couple of times and no joy, any ideas? I would like to know if you could kindly help me with this.

Alternatively, if you need to keep the files separate (and it's not apparent why you would), run your Formal Letterhead, Business Letterhead and Sales Letterhead generation processes sequentially. Screen Updating = True End Sub If the above script could be adjusted to look at the first word in each filename and group all files with the same word into one document, this would be pretty close to exactly what is required, just not sure why it doesn't appear to work for some files! There's nothing inherently wrong with your merge code.

While Excel will set this back to True whenever focus is passed back to Excel (your macro finishes) in most cases, it pays to play it safe and include the code at the end.

You may even find in some cases that Screen Updating is set back to true before your recorded macro completes.

This can happen with recorded macros that have the word Select used frequently.

If this does happen, you may need to repeat the line: Application.

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By setting Screen Updating to False at the Start of the macro, you will not only stop the constant screen flickering associated with recorded macro, but also greatly speed up the execution of the macro.

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