Vanessa williams dating michael jordan

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Vanessa williams dating michael jordan

Val examines him and realizes he is severely dehydrated.

When he awakens, the stranger introduces himself as David Smith (Richard Guthrie) and they their parents agree to let him stay.

Actress Diane Sommerfield took over the role in 1981 when Valerie returns as a medical intern at the hospital.

She becomes involved with Abe Carver which is plagued by Val's residual feelings for David and Abe's unwillingness to get married one day. In 2016, after a nearly 35-year absence, the character was reintroduced with veteran actress Vanessa A.

Williams in the role, when cardiologist Valerie is enlisted to help save Abe Carver.

Valerie rekindles her romance with Abe despite disapproval from his teenage son Theo Carver.

The Grants are shocked when David confesses that he is actually the presumed dead David Banning and he is hiding from his family and swears them to secrecy.

Still upset over Paul's recent firing, Helen is not happy about Val and David's news.

Val and David agree that he should move out until after the wedding.

The role was originated by actress Tina Andrews in 1975 and Andrews was replaced by Rose Fonseca in the summer of 1977.

Valerie and her family take David in when he is injured in a car accident and they soon fall in love.

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David explains that he did not know about Brooke's decision but fears he is too late to stop her.

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