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Posted by / 30-Aug-2020 13:58

Value of updating to jetted tub

This gets the job done and keeps the tub looking like new. Whether you drop a bath bomb in the water or wash your hair, there’s a good chance that soap residue will appear on the sides of your tub.

Home spas of all types need to be cleaned frequently if you use them with any regularity.

But, if you’re investing in a spa tub and you enjoy these, consider turning the jets off.

Does your bathroom have stone or tile flooring or walls?

They will ensure the job is tested and done right so that your bath is secure and resale-safe.

If your home isn’t already equipped with the necessary water heater capacity, plumbing and electrical systems, you could incidentally double your overall cost.

Self-heating features, which keep your bathwater hot, often cost extra, but are very popular.

Heated tubs need to be hooked up to your electrical system.

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This is not a DIY project unless you have the proper man-power, experience and certifications.