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Validating gst registration numbers

Review these items from your business records to locate your BN.

You can also review paper or electronic copies of your business tax returns.

This is leading to an illegal and hazardous scenario, wherein the so-called GST invoice reflects the GSTIN ID with the proper CGST SGST break-up and the tax is collected from the consumer but doesn’t head towards the government, because it is fake.

As you search your paperwork, keep in mind that the terms GST/HST account number, Business Number and registration number are used interchangeably.

This Registry is intended for businesses and individuals to verify the GST/HST registration of a supplier, and requires users to input the business name and BN.

There are two ways to verify GSTIN online instantly: It has also come to notice that the guys have devised innovative ways to fool people and ultimately the government.

They just put an alpha-numeric code, against the GSTIN heading to dupe the consumers, which unarguably resembles a GSTIN.

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Our service is comprehensive and uses proprietary technology to assist in the process.