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When it is necessary to detect extremely small absorption peaks, it may not be possible to detect the peaks correctly if the noise level is so high that they become buried in the noise.

The instrument’s stray light is defined as (Y – X). The aim of instrument validation is to confirm that the instrument offers adequate performance for the inspection and manufacture of products.It can be seen from Table 1 that the generic term "performance" encompasses various conditions depending on the point of focus.Instrument validation of a spectrophotometer involves selecting the items required to manage and determine the status of the instrument from among these performance items, and verifying them. A deuterium lamp is known to exhibit sharp energy peaks (emission lines) at 656.1 nm and 486.0 nm wavelengths.To state that such products meet the expected quality standards, it is important to verify that the plant, equipment, and operational procedures are free of problems.Verification procedures must be established to ensure that the details of the verification are consistent, regardless of who performs it.

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So, what sort of performance does a spectrophotometer offer?

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