Validating a html web page 1 year dating anniversary gifts for guys

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Validating a html web page

This tool checks single HTML pages for conformance with accessibility standards to ensure the content can be accessed by everyone.

Just give the URL of your page and Watson will get a copy of it directly from the web server.Just like a minor negligence while constructing a building can cost life of millions of residents , the same way a small error left unnoticed can prove to be fatal for your website.Therefore, this implies that we must run our website through all necessary tests.HERA performs a preliminary set of tests on the page and identifies any automatically detectable errors or checkpoints met, and which checkpoints need further manual verification.This conversion service will convert to text Adobe PDF files that are in English.

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A Web Page is mobile OK when it passes all the tests. The WDG HTML Validator is similar in many ways to the W3C HTML Validation Service.

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