Us american dating friends romances

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Us american dating friends romances

For that, you have to go to the actual tape: When you look at the dialogue as just words, it’s pretty awkward — especially the part where Meredith flat out says “you’re sexually harassing me” and Derek seemingly dismisses her valid concerns about the power differential between them.

Those are the facts of the scene — except they don’t include the performances, the actual feel of the moment.

For the same reason that the young couple of “Knocked Up” doesn’t get an abortion after finding out that they’re pregnant, the young doctors of “Grey’s” are far from celibate, because the theoretical point of the series is to investigate what happens when doctors who probably shouldn’t be sleeping together cross the line anyway.

But on screen, Dempsey and Pompeo’s chemistry and body language make it clear that Derek’s interest in her is not unwanted, and that while her concerns are valid, there’s no coercion in play here.

They might be consensual relationships with issues, but they don’t represent a person with power over their subordinates using said power to abuse said subordinates.That said, I was young at the time — unaware of just how much of an adventure the process by which two people find each other and create a lasting bond is, without any outside complications.With more experience under my belt, I’ve come to respect that fact, as well as how those “outside complications” aren’t really all that much of an aphrodisiac, in the real world.Whether a show like “Grey’s” chooses to engage with this as a storyline, or a show like “The X-Files” very slowly but surely lets its central couple fall into bed together, the point remains that sexual harassment has nothing to do with romance, and those who equate the two have a poor understanding of one, the other, or both.Love is never easy, especially when you’re balancing it with life on the job.

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But it’s taken on a whole new flavor here in the year 2018, as the #Me Too movement has many of us examining not just our interactions with others, but some of our favorite love stories, which might now read as overly problematic compared to the era in which they began. I mean, in the other shows, that’s literally what the stories are all about.

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