Updating vista to windows 7

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Updating vista to windows 7

Compatibility Center Go to Windows 7 Compatibility Center to find out what hardware and software Windows 7 currently supports.You can easily search or browse for your hardware to see if it’s Windows 7 compatible.Follow these steps to manually update Windows 7 drivers: Step 1 : Go to the ‘Start’ button and open the Menu option. Step 4 : Selecting ‘Device Manager’ opens a list of categories in the right panel.Step 2 : Right-click ‘Computer’ and select ‘Manage’. Step 5 : Expand the categories to look up for the system drivers.Of course there will be differences such as no Windows Mail, Messenger, Photo Gallery…etc.Make sure to download Microsoft Live Essentials to get your favorite MS apps back.

Here we will take a look a the steps to take before the upgrade and walk through the actual process of the upgrade.If you don’t have at least SP1 you will get an error and have to go back and install it.Upgrade Advisor Also you’ll want to run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor which we previously covered.Backup Data Backup all of your most important files, folders, and other data.Even though you’ll still have all of your files after the upgrade, something could go wrong during the process and you could lose everything.

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Internet Make sure you are connected to the Internet so updates can be downloaded and installed during the upgrade process.

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