Updating ranch home

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Updating ranch home

When you hear the word “Ranch” it’s common to think of a salad dressing or a farm full of roaming cows and cowboys.

However even though we’re discussing the ranch house style, all three evoke feelings of home and familiarity.

To accompany your attached garages, it’s likely that you’ll find a large drive as well.

Embrace the glass, even if you might need to replace a window or two in your updating process.

When the hot sun is beating through those big windows, the thing you want most is a little shade.

With sprawling layouts, stucco walls and wide eaves, they were easily modified to fit their surroundings, creating a comfortable home for it’s inhabitants. While they had some mixed styles based on region like Colonial or Craftsman, they always kept the same basic ranch elements.

Come the 1950’s, ranch style homes were nine out of ten new houses, taking the U. By the late 1960’s, American’s architectural tastes moved toward more traditional styles and the ranch homes became cheap boring housing and by the 70’s, no one was building ranches anymore.

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Since all that floor space is all on one level, you obviously need the land to accommodate.

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