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Updating olap dimensions

Consistent query answers are characterized as ordinary answers obtained from every minimally repaired and consistent version of the database.Database repairs wrt a wide class of ICs can be specified as stable models of disjunctive logic programs.However, in most cases an important part of the data is still consistent with the ICs, and can still be retrieved through queries posed to the database.

The use of logic programs does not exceed the intrinsic complexity of CQA.A dimension instance is strict if every element of the dimension has a unique ancestor element in each of the ancestor categories.This property is crucial for the efficiency of the system since it allows for the correct computation of aggregate queries using pre-computed views. Dimensions themselves have structure, described by a schema and an instance; the schema is basically a directed acyclic graph of granularity levels, and the instance consists of a set of elements for each level and m ..." . In OLAP applications, data are modeled as points in a multidimensional space.

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..." When changes occur on data organization, conventional multidimensional structures are not adapted because dimensions are supposed to be static.

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