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The device has a small reset button that you can press to reset the gps. I won't ask you anything that isn't necessary to come to a resolution, so please provide the best answer you can.The button is on the side of the GPS opposite the memory card slot. I need to know if the behavior of the device changed after the reset.

******************** ******************** Magellan has released an update version 2.18 for the unit. Check you will need an user name and a password to get the download.

I just received an e-mail from the south east regional office of AAA.

They are sending me an update of their Tour Book section on the Magellan 4040.

This is according to their website as of this posting 4/17/08 I found that you can go to Auto and purchase the mapping updates from them and based on the reviews its a much faster process than getting it from magellan you can but you need to buy the update CD from Magellan. If I had known that, I would have never bought a 3200.

The update is simple and requires an internet connection.

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It depends on the model, i own a 4 wheel drive 3140 and it weighs roughly 4.5 to 5 tonnes but a 2wd would weigh considerably less. ******************** ******************** More information on how to tweek your Magellan 3100 here: catid=66&threadid=2120938&highlight_key=y&keyword1=3225 GPS Maestro is the usual reference to the Conductor of the orchestra. the orchestral conductor is the master of the orchestra leading them through the pieces they play.

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