Updating madden 08 pc roster

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Guys who had around an 80 OVR rating in Madden 25 would turn up as 99 OVR once I put them on my Madden 08, so I had to scale back their stats a little bit.Also, the players and ratings I downloaded from EA Sports were current as of the preseason, and some rosters have different since then., the latest iteration in EA’s annual football franchise, although EA Access members have had early access for almost a week now.In any case, you can now hit the gridiron for another year of exciting football.So, I trade Manning to his current team, Denver, for a backup QB, say, Patrick Ramsey.Then, I use trusty old Wikipedia to make sure these guys aren't in the league anymore.In some cases, I'd have to put a guy there who either isn't on the team anymore, or who is actually a running back or tight end or something.

The only drawback to my trading method is that guys who already were in the league at the time of Madden 08 are now 6 years younger, because I cannot change their age.

Last year’s update included over 2,000 changes, including the roster and ratings adjustments, appearance tweaks and more.

I know it’s a long way from now, but it’s actually a relatively short turnaround considering rosters aren’t finalized until a few days before the season actually begins.

While you can certainly start your Connected Franchise now, it won’t automatically update to take into account the changes in the 53-man roster.

You’d have to restart or make the changes yourself, the latter being an incredibly tedious process.

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Once I've traded for old timers, I can pretty much edit anything about them: name, height, weight, stats, everything except age and skin color.

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