Updating itunes artwork

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Updating itunes artwork

To those of you who will suggest other applications, I’ve tried a lot of them, for Mac OS and Windows.

I’m not precious about OS but so far i Tunes still suits my workflow best, even though it has become a steaming mess..[UPDATE 31st August 2018 : As of i Tunes these issues still persist][UPDATE 16th December 2018 : Here is an interesting bit of news.

I used to put a CD in (or even just load the files I wanted to convert), edit what I had to, select all the songs, then right click and choose “Convert to Apple Lossless” (or whatever I’d selected in settings). Since when ever they dropped it (it’s probably been a year or so now, I’ve lost track) you have to select the little “settings” button on the top right, which then opens the “Import Settings” window, so you then click OK.

It’s just one more step but when Apple was about being efficient and making things easy, one more step was an issue. As you would have got the gist by now, I like to have complete control over the manageability of my catalog.

Just because they are from the 80’s, should they be cursed to be whoever this “Lion” claims to be? You’ve either not given them a full suite of regression tests or intentionally don’t care these things don’t work anymore. If anyone from Apple product development reads this and fixes my woes, thanks a million, I’ll buy you a beer.

Narrowing down my search a little bit, it turns out that any cover art that wasn’t exactly square (irrespective of resolution) no longer would show on the “Albums” page of i Tunes.

Apple, can you please fix this before you abandon updates to i Tunes High Sierra?

The covers do display properly on Music for i Phone i OS 11.3.

What kind of code optimisation did removing that right click option provide? When I listen to music with i Tunes, I want it to play the files I’ve added to my library.

I don’t want my i Tunes purchases, or any other files for that matter that I specifically didn’t load, to appear. Case in point, I created a “Smart” Playlist the other day for jazz.

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After a bit more fiddling around, if you drag and resize the i Tunes window, you can force it “refresh” the album covers and it will then show them.

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