Updating instances

Posted by / 12-May-2020 00:21

In the interim, Paul Herber has a shape substitute utility. I don't know if it will change on all pages since I only had one page at the time however I cannot think of any reason why it shouldn't. When a shape is copied from a stencil to a drawing, a copy of the shape is placed in the local stencil.

Performing the operation "Update 2016 to SP2CU6 (KB4488536)" on target "laptop".I didn’t tell it to install without checking first so it asks me.If you wanted it to go ahead without checking then set -Confirm:$false.If EXTERNAL_REFERENCE is just an attribute and does not have any dependencies, am I not better off just updating the EXTERNAL_REFERENCE field directly. These recur on mulpile pages within the visio document.

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I can call the CSI_ITEM_INSTANCE_PUB.update_item_instance API. The problem with this is that the API has a rollback statement in its code and the trigger wouldn't allow it. I can make the trigger on OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL an AUTONOMOUS_TRANSACTION and get away with the rollback restriction.