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This process creates a lot of very fine dust, so wearing protective eyewear and a dust mask is a good safety precaution.Continue sanding until none of the shiny appearance remains, then wipe it down to remove all the dust.While I wouldn't recommend you buy the kit just for a small project like mine, it is a fantastic option to give an outdated kitchen or bathroom a brand new look!And then any leftovers are perfect for dressing up the laminate top of a bar cart, a portable kitchen island, or even a inexpensive laminate dresser.

When I was asked to do some furniture makeovers for a display at the Denver Home Show, I realized it was a perfect opportunity to try some of the DIY products I'd had my eye on, including the Rustoleum countertop paint and dry erase paint.Below I share a step by step overview of the process to help you understand what is involved and to show you my results, but be sure to also read and follow all of the instructions from Rust-Oleum.Your laminate countertops don't need to be in perfect condition, but cracks (such as where two pieces of laminate meet) or large chips should be repaired with an epoxy putty.I haven't seen all of the colors on finishes surfaces, but I can say that the charcoal, in person, looks very similar to the dark granite counters I had in my previous home.I received my Countertop Transformations Kit for free, but was not paid for this post.

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I have received a few questions from readers lately asking for DIY kitchen update ideas that provide a high end look without a renovation budget.

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