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Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution, and actually has several different Audio Workstation package repositories available, each of which actually comes as fully-installable distributions in its own right.

For those who already have a Linux distribution installed, and don’t want to shift about, they can always choose to add a professional audio repository to their system, and just add the necessary software and tweaks that way.", to encourage and enable users to go beyond using some Free Software, and rather seek and choose freedom. Disabled blob loading in mt7615, rtw88, rtw8822b, rtw8822c, btmtksdio, iqs5xx, ishtp, ucsi_ccg. Adjusted deblobbing of wilc1000, and updated blob names in iwlwifi, soc-acpi-intel sound, brcmfmac, mwifiex, btmrvl, btmtk, touchscreen_dmi.Adjusted deblobbing of microcode docs, ixp4xx, imx-sdma, amdgpu, nouveau, goya. Dropped cleaning up of the lantiq xrx200 firmware loader, removed upstream.Your standard Linux distribution may be able to perform some audio recording tasks, but sometimes, it helps to have a tuned system from the get-go; this is especially important in those cases where one just wants to get to the business of sound as quickly as possible.Below is a list of repositories and full distributions to give you a jump-start on creating a workable audio production environment as quickly as possible.

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As its name might suggest to Linux connoisseurs, Puredyne is a distribution of Linux derived from the dyne:bolic GNU/Linux operating system.