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Updating doors

Be sure to fill in any notches or holes during this step that could leave your doors looking uneven.

Give your doors a good sanding down with 220 sandpaper.

In between coats I’d have issues sometimes with bugs landing in the wet paint.This post is sponsored by Home Right, all thoughts, words, and opinions are my own.When we moved into our house I knew that without a doubt we had our work cut out for us.It would be super simple with a little liquid nails and our nail gun…and the door would now have character and add a focal point to this RV wall.BEFORE Door AFTER Materials for updating and old door (3) drop Tiles- these are the ones I used.

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Nail Gun Liquid Nails Razor Blade paint Caulk So, I have to admit I did not get around to painting the door, but fortunately it still looks really good.