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and these are editable for DATETIME2 types, not so for DATETIME types, for which I got an SQL error when trying to pass a precision to the ALTER TABLE query.* Microseconds should be displayed in data and query grids now, for both DATETIME and DATETIME2 columns.Are you sure the full datetime value, including milliseconds, is showing?Compare this example of someone else: You're right - it has a microseconds part, but Heidi SQL is not able to display it, even when I show me the raw data. If I might chime in, two weeks later: I also have the same problem as Igitur with SQL Servers with Turkish locales.

The following query reveals the milliseconds by using a CONVERT() function call: r4913 should fix some things on MSSQL: * Microsecond precision is now displayed in table structure editor, in column "Length/Set" * ...

Oddly enough, we tell SQL which records to update at the very end with our at the end unless you want to update every record.

That was one of the saddest few seconds of my life.

The way the developers created the SQL update statement was brilliant and much better than the INSERT statement.

Remember INSERT had those two separate lines in parentheses.

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Here's a screenshot of SQL management studio: However, when I run this query, no data is changed: That "T" format also does not update anything here. Also, his original suggestion to use ISO format is correct.

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