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To Create a Lotus Domino connector, in Synchronization Service select Management Agent and Create. If your version of synchronization service offers the ability to configure Architecture, make sure the connector is set to its default value to run in Process.

On the Connectivity page, you must specify the Lotus Domino server name and enter the logon credentials.

Search is using indexing in Domino but it is common that the indexes are not updated in real time and the data returned from the server is not always correct.

For a system with many changes, this option usually doesn't work well and provides false deletes in some situations. View is the recommended option since it provides the correct state of data. The Enable creation of _Contact object has these options: In Domino, reference attributes can contain many different formats to reference other objects.

Single Logon is required for the connector to be able to log on to the Domino server.

Note: Start Lotus Notes once with a user that is located on the same server as the account you use as the connector’s service account.

The Domino Server property supports two formats for the server name: The Server Name/Directory Name format is the preferred format for this attribute because it provides faster response when the connector contacts the Domino Server.

The provided User ID file is stored in the configuration database of the synchronization service.

The Lotus Domino Connector enables you to integrate the synchronization service with IBM's Lotus Domino server.

The Domino Server Time Zone parameter defines the location of your Domino Server.

This configuration option is required to support delta import operations because it enables the synchronization service determine changes between the last two imports.

In this way, attribute references can be preserved.

By enabling this setting and if the content of a reference attribute is not a DN format, a _Contact object is created.

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The following operations are not supported by the current release of the Lotus Domino connector: Lotus Notes must be installed on the server before the Connector is installed.

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