Updating an existing website

Posted by / 04-Dec-2020 17:44

Overall, you can see that sales are up 1,414% compared to March 2017.Next up, here’s a screenshot comparing March of 2018 to February of 2018: In March we did a little over triple the amount of sales we did in February 2018.I will share a bit more detail on the wholesale side of things we are working on a bit later in the post.Traffic is almost 4X what we saw in March of 2017 so things are continuing to trend in the right direction.During the month of March we added 4 new wholesale customers, and we’ve been starting to see re-orders come through from some of our first wholesale customers.

The orders from the website were higher compared to February too, so there was some solid growth all around.The month of March is now in the books, and that means it’s time for me to share the results of my experiment purchasing an existing website.If this is your first time reading one of these posts, you can catch up on the past ones HEREYou might notice that there are 3 different categories that make up these sales.One new thing that I’m including this month is a breakdown of what device users are viewing the website on.Here’s a screenshot for March 2018: At the moment mobile is accounting for over 70% of the traffic to the website.

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Something that we are going to be looking into a bit more is the user experience on mobile.